Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At AHC Capital Holdings Inc. ("AHCC"), we handle the personal information you have provided us, as well as the personal information you provide us in future, in accordance with the following "privacy policy".

Basic Policy Regarding the Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information

AHCC will collect your personal information by appropriate means and announce, notify or clearly state the purpose of its use. Without your consent, we will not handle your personal information beyond the scope of the stated purpose of use. In addition, when providing or disclosing your personal information to a third party, we will do so in accordance with procedures required by laws and ordinances.

The Security Measures of Personal Information

We make every effort to manage and administer your personal information securely, and we take reasonable and appropriate safety measures to safeguard against risks such as unauthorized external access, loss, corruption, destruction, falsification or leakage of your personal information. In addition, we have also established internal rules regarding the handling of personal information and we hold seminars for our employees to understand and share the importance of personal information protection. Furthermore, we review appropriate measures concerning our handling of personal information and safety management as necessary.

1.Purpose of Use of Personal Information

AHCC will use your personal information for the following purposes
・To communicate with you for business reasons
・To respond to your inquiries and requests
・To execute other business operations smoothly and appropriately

2.Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not disclose nor provide your personal information to any third parties, except in the following cases.
・When we have obtained your consent
・When disclosing or providing it in a form with which you cannot be personally identified, such as statistical data
・When the disclosure or provision of personal information is requested based on laws and ordinances
・When necessary for the protection of human life, body or property, and obtaining your consent is difficult
・When it becomes necessary to cooperate with a government agency or local public agency in the performance of official duties,
and obtaining your consent is likely to hinder the execution of such duties.

3.Shared Use of Personal Information

AHCC will share your personal information and data with our group companies and joint-venture companies.

Scope of third parties with which information will be shared and used

・AHS Holdings Co., Ltd.
・Asahi Housing Center Co., Ltd.
・Hikari Kensetsu Co., Ltd.
・Home Land Co., Ltd.
・Sunrise Estate Co., Ltd.
・Sun Plan Co., Ltd.
・Tokyo Toshin Housing Co., Ltd.
・AHC Corporation Co., Ltd.
・AHC Okinawa Corporation Co., Ltd.
Joint-venture companies of AHS Holdings Group companies

Purpose of Use

Same as “Purpose of Use of Personal Information” above

Personal Information and Data We Share and Use

Your full name, company name, address, phone number and email address

4.Outsourcing of Handling of Personal Information

We may outsource the handling of your personal information to an outside contractor for reasons of facilitating our business operations. In this case, we will select a contractor that meets sufficient standards for protection of personal information and ensure appropriate management by imposing contractual obligations to safeguard against information leakage and redistribution.

5.Correction and Deletion, etc., of Your Personal Information

To request the disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion, etc., of the personal information AHCC holds, please contact our Personal Information Inquiry Desk below.

Personal Information Inquiry Desk
AHC Capital Holdings Inc.

6.To Users of this Website

Links to Other Sites

Our website includes links to some other websites; however, we do not share personal information with them. We shall not assume any responsibility for the collection of your personal information by any websites we link to, so please be sure to refer to the privacy policy of the linked website.

Website Security

We do our utmost to prevent unauthorized access to and leakage of information through the use of a special encrypted communication technology called SSL and by managing the information on a dedicated server protected by a firewall security system.

Updating of Privacy Policy

We may update the contents of this privacy policy. We will announce such updates on this website. The update date is displayed on this page, so please check it regularly.

Opinions, Complaints and Objections Regarding this Privacy Policy

If you believe that AHCC is not adhering to the privacy policy published on this website, please contact us at

This privacy policy was updated on July 1, 2020.