CSR CSR活動について

SDGs initiatives

In support of the Sustainable Development Goals advocated by the United Nations, we are striving to provide housing that promotes realization of a sustainable society.

Responsibly to society, economy and environment

Energy-saving houses
By providing high-efficiency home equipment with excellent energy-saving performance in energy-saving houses, we reduce CO₂ emissions and help prevent global warming.
Top Runner Program standards
Realize "comfortable living", "environmentally friendly energy saving", and "household-friendly economic efficiency" in a home with top-runner standards that reduce primary energy consumption below the specified value, and we keep providing homes that contributes to the environment and economy.

Initiatives for a better society

Social contributions
We take social action and promote local sports culture by supporting the Japan Guide Dog Association and Yokohama DeNA BayStars.
Qualifications and health support
We hold training sessions and provide financial support for employees seeking qualifications.
We also cover all influenza vaccination costs to help create a work environment where employees feel safe and healthy.

Environmental initiatives

Paperless activities
We protect forest resources by using iPads and digitization of various documents, as well as by reducing unnecessary printing and annual paper use.