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AHC Capital Holdings Inc. was established in California, USA in 2017 as a wholly owned overseas subsidiary of AHS Holdings Co., Ltd.
Our vast experience in the real estate business, mainly in Tokyo and Kanagawa, includes group sales of over 10,000 detached houses.
AHC Capital Holdings Inc. was established to grow not only in Japan, where the population is declining, but also overseas where the markets are larger and we can become a company that deploys on a global scale.

We researched real estate conditions in countries around the world and found that the USA has solidly established and legislated the field of real estate finance for the stable construction of assets and capital gains. So we decided to start a new business in the USA.

Currently, we are engaged in real estate development and investment in states including California, Nevada and Hawaii. In the USA, even small-scale, lesser-known developers are highly evaluated if they make good properties. This helps make the market more interesting and rewarding.
In addition, the real estate investment business in the USA places few restrictions on foreigners, making it an attractive market for investors from all over the world.
There are possibilities for joining projects with returns unimaginable in Japan, and we feel we can create huge business opportunities in the USA.
In the relocation business, we provide start-up support services that help Japanese companies relocate employees to the United States and start new lives in this unfamiliar land.

By expanding our business in the USA, we also gained an appreciation for advantages in Japan that we couldn’t recognize before and had the opportunity to learn great things about Japan from many people.

In the future, in addition to expanding business in the USA, we intend on promoting the appeal of Japanese real estate to customers in the USA and other countries in Europe, Asia and elsewhere. In this way, we hope to further strengthen our inbound business.

By understanding differences in culture and customs between Japan and other countries, we hope to utilize the best of all countries. Across borders and beyond the barriers of real estate and finance, we are committed to becoming a global company that flexibly takes on new challenges and bridges Japan with the rest of the world.

AHC Capital Holdings Inc.
CEO Yuka Kikuchi

Company outline

Company name AHC Capital Holdings Inc.
CEO Yuka Kikuchi
Address (Los Angeles) 360 N. Pacific Coast Hwy, Ste2000, El Segundo, CA 90245
(Tokyo) Otemachi One Tower 6F, 1-2-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004 Japan
Establishment April 2017
Business Real estate (development and investment)
and relocation business
Shareholders AHS Holdings Co., Ltd. (100% owned subsidiary)